The Pen (can be) mightier than the sword.

The Pen (can be) mightier than the sword.

My name is Mads, and for the past few years I've run a niche but popular tumblr/ instagram account about my adventures in various medieval subcultures. This blog is a new, but very different addition to those.

I realised long ago that tumblr is about images. It's an excellent way to gather inspiration, share pictures and express interest in things you love. I'm incredibly thankful to have found such an awesome platform that has allowed me to share my love of costuming and reach a much greater audience than I ever would have thought possible. It honestly blows my mind that thousands of people from all over the world have found, shared and expressed feelings towards my content. That's insane.

I was a different person when I started the Sun and Swords Tumblr. I was pretty lonely, working a super demanding job and failing to find adequate space to creatively express myself. If you're an artist, you'll know how dangerous to your self worth that can be. I started Sun and Swords as a kind of "sending it into the void" type exercise. I was creating things, and posting pictures of them because I was proud of them and wanted to share it with someone, anyone. And I honestly never expected anyone outside of my immediate friend circle to respond. To my delight, people responded! So many people.

My first ever tumblr post, which got 19 responses! About 19 more than I expected.

A more recent post that got around 2,500 repsones!

Every social media platform is different and demands a certain type of attention. (Side note - I've noticed that I actually have very little crossover of followers between my Instagram/ Tumblr accounts, which I find fascinating). My Tumblr audience in particular demands a very different type of post than my other platforms - they want images, and don't so much care about the written content. They want to know what I'm wearing, how I made it and where to buy it. This is 100% fine, it's just what the platform demands.

If you follow my Tumblr, you've probably noticed a decrease in posting frequency over the last year and a half. For that time I've been fighting with this urge to write versus the urge to please my base of followers with pretty pictures. I want to express not just what I'm wearing, but why I'm wearing it and who I am and how that has an effect on what I create. I want to post something that I can share with friends and family who don't take part in my weird and wonderful hobbies, and express my love of a medieval in a way that they'll understand and relate to. Tumblr isn't the place for that.

I love swords and armour, but my life has become so much more. I travel a lot, I struggle to keep my house clean, I cook awesome food, I'm constantly fighting the uphill battle between being fit and being lazy. I love trying new products and experimenting with skincare - two years ago I fought a brutal battle with acne which I'd love to write about to help others, but has no place on my Tumblr at all. The need to express all of this has bottled up inside me and thwarted my creativity - I've felt trapped by my own perfectionism.

So, this is a project of mine intended to help revitalise my creativity. My Tumblr and Instagram aren't going anywhere - if anything, they'll be more active because I now have another space to share things that are tangentially related but not entirely to do with LARP.

So! Thank you for being a part of my life, and watch this space :)

The Twilight People

The Twilight People